Kwaku Bonsam is a "fraud" who has no spiritual power - Kumchacha reveals

Kwaku Bonsam is a "fraud" who has no spiritual power - Kumchacha reveals

A war among supposed "spiritual gurus" in Ghana is brewing after one popular and controversial pastor, Nicholas Osei calls out equally controversial traditional priest, Kwaku Bonsam over who has "more spiritual powers".

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According to the "Man of God", also referred to as "Kumchacha", Kwaku Bonsam is a fraud.

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The pastor, who is also the proprietor of Heaven’s Gate Ministry International was speaking on the Accra-based Kasapa FM, when he made his claims.


Kumchacha had stated that Kwaku Bonsam was a "fraudster" whose only prowess is exhibited in deceit.

He said there is no power greater than God’s power, adding that what Kweku Bonsam claims to do is all fake.

He explained that, the fetish priest has been greatly involved in trickery and a "smoke and mirrors" act as he possesses not spiritual powers.

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The church leaders boasted that he, Kumchacha, could easily expose Kwaku Bonsam to the public as "empty".

Kwaku Bonsam
Kwaku Bonsam

However, the show host, Gatuso was quick to retort that some predictions by Bonsam had come to pass and that could be used to show the fetish priest's spiritual prowess, but Kumchacha said it was no prove.

According to the pastor, true power lies in "ressurecting" dead humans and not tricks.

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