Soldiers shoot civilian in Ashanti Region

Soldiers shoot civilian in Ashanti Region

- Soldiers on Wednesday mistakenly shot a man in the Ashanti Region

- The soldiers were trying to disperse a fight between some youth in the Asesensu community of the region and workers of a Chinese miner there.

- The injured man was treated and discharged at a government hospital in Dunkwa.

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Soldiers have mistakenly shot a man at the Asesensu in the Wassa Amenfi East District in the Ashanti Region.

The man, Yaw Nkrumah, had been a part of a group of people who were fighting some workers of a Chinese miner on Wednesday.

Soldiers,who arrived at the scene to restore law and order, fired warning shots, one of which hit Nkrumah in the ankle and injured him.

According to a report by Accra-based Class FM, some youth of Asesensu had blocked a bridge that members of the community constructed .and asked the miner to pay some money for the maintenance of the bridge.

The youth made the demand when the Chinese miner's excavator attempted to use the bridge.

Workers of the miners are said to have angrily rejected the demand and fired warning shots, as they forcibly attempted to remove the barricades placed on the bridge by the youth.

The youth, according to the report, overpowered the workers and seized a shotgun from them.

Armed soldiers are said to have then arrived at the scene and fired warning shots, in a bid to contain the situation.

It was one of the shots that hit and injured Nkrumah.

He was taken to a government hospital in Dunkwa, where he was treated and discharged.

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