Moesha Boduong responds to accusations of "sleeping around" for cash

Moesha Boduong responds to accusations of "sleeping around" for cash

Curvaceous Ghanaian TV and social media celebrity, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong has responded to her critics who've continuously alleged that popular Ghanaian celebrity "sleeps around" to pay for her lifestyle.

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Moesha Boduong responds to accusations of "sleeping around" for cash

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Other than having starred in a few local movies here and there, Moesha Boduong's popularity has been hugely thanks to her social media pages, the most successful of those being her profile on the photo sharing platform, Instagram.

Due to some photos of herself Ms. Boduong shared on her Instagram profile, many of her critics have made several lascivious allegations against her. The most recent allegation has been that the actress and social media sensation has been "sleeping around" to fund her trips abroad, trips one could readily get a glimpse of in Moesha's Instagram page.

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Respond to this most recent allegation, she stated that sleeping with men is most definitely not how she funds her trips abroad, adding that she doesn't feel like she's got "everything going smoothly" before she decides to travel.

"I don’t sleep around to make money for the kind of life I’m living... It is not true. I love to see the world and I will not wait to have everything going smoothly before I take a break to see the world."

Speaking to the Graphic Showbiz she revealed that many ask her if she makes most of her income from her movie roles. Using her interview with the Graphic Showbiz to shed light on the matter, she said that movies aren't her only mode of income, but that "it is certainly not moving from one man to another,”Moesha said.

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Moesha revealed that she also makes her income from modelling for some of her clients, and that before her trip to Europe, she did some work for Zylofon Media and received payment for it.

"I’m also into the sale of waist trainers and other things and my boyfriend supports me," she said.

She related that - according to her - the Ghanaians tended to work hard for long periods amassing their wealth before they decided to take a breather and see the world, adding that that's just not her style.

"If I work and make some money, I pay my bills and I if i have some left, I take a break and relax. This is Moesha for you,” she said.

On comments made about her by popular Ghanaian TV personality Delay, Moesha was very nonchalant about it saying, "it's funny, I didn’t take it personal".

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