Ghanaians have established a culture of lies- Alban Bagbin

Ghanaians have established a culture of lies- Alban Bagbin

- The second deputy speaker of parliament has condemned the appreciation for dishonesty in Ghana

- He said Ghanaians don't like to associate with honest people

- He further expressed worry over the ingratitude displayed by the youth of today brings you the latest news in Ghanaian politics

The Member of Parliament for Nadwoli-Kaleo, Alban Bagbin, has bemoaned the aversion Ghanaians have against persons who like to speak the truth.

Ghanaians hate the truth- Bagbin

Alban Bagbin

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Bagbin, who is also the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, stated that honesty is not a trait that is appreciated in Ghana, unlike in the 'good old days.'

"We have established a culture of lies. When you speak the truth people hate you. When you do what is good and honest; you are a fool. But you know, you can never sow beans and reap maize. So when you sow the falsehood, lies is what you will reap. The society is collapsing," Mr. Bagbin said.

According to a Starr FM report, Mr. Bagbin was a speaking at an event at the National Youth Authority in Wa, when he lamented the traits of ingratitude that is visible in youth of today.

He stated that an unappreciative person is only setting themselves up for destruction.

The deputy speaker's statements is not the first where he has openly criticized the negative traits that runs through sections of the Ghanaian people.

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A few weeks ago, Mr. Bagbin admitted that he, along with many government officials are corrupt.

According to him, the political structures in Ghana tend to influence public officials to turn to corruption, adding that even clergymen were corrupt.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bagbin has said the National Democratic Congress is ready to make a comeback in 2020.

He stated the party was putting in measures to ensure that its return to power in the next election year would be successful.

While the Nadwoli-Kaleo MP has been rumored to show interest in running for the flagbearership of the party, he has made no definite statements.

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