Ghana is most peaceful country in West Africa

Ghana is most peaceful country in West Africa

-Ghana has been ranked as one of the most peaceful nations in West Africa.

-Ghana’s rank was as a result of improved political stability and decreased conflict-related deaths

-The Global Peace index placed Iceland among the most peaceful nations in the world

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According to the Global Peace Index of Visions of Humanity, Ghana and Sierra Leone have been ranked as the most peaceful nations in the West Africa. The improved ranking globally was attributed to less danger over the past 10 years.

Ghana is most peaceful country in West Africa

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The Peace Research Institute in 2018 indicated that the peace in some African countries had deteriorated due to a number of reasons including the access to small arms by rebel and guerrilla groups, high cuts in military expenditure and insufficient funds available to cater for UN peacekeeping missions.

However, the latest report from the Institute has placed Ghana and Sierra Leone among countries that ranked high in terms of peace and stability in West Africa.

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The report based its results on political stability in the African countries and little occurrence of deaths that were conflict-related. The main criteria for the ranking included a country’s perceptions of criminality, homicide, incarceration, access to weapons, violent crime, police terror along with some other considerations.

Ghana recorded under three points out of a total of five points in most categories except access to weapons, perceptions of criminality, violent crime and demonstrations.

The Institute ranked Ethiopia was a less peaceful country due to the Ethnic conflicts the nation suffered leading the country to declare a state of emergency after some violent demonstrations rocked the country. Ethiopia was ranked 134th dropping from their initial position of 118th in the previous report.

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Out of 163 countries ranked worldwide, Ghana was ranked the 43rd most peaceful country in the world with Sierra Leone taking the 39th position on the ranking table.

According to the report by the Institute, the top five most peaceful countries in the world included Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark.

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