Stop peddling falsehood over Kwabenya SHS- NDC warns Adwoa Safo

Stop peddling falsehood over Kwabenya SHS- NDC warns Adwoa Safo

- Last week, Adwoa Safo declared that the Kwabenya SHS was not built by the NDC, but by her own collaboration with the World Bank

- The NDC have however dismissed her claims, calling them lies that should not considered

- They said Adwoa Safo should end her fabrications or lose her credibility brings you the latest news in Ghana

The National Democratic Congress branch in the Dome-Kwabenya constituency has condemned the Member of Parliament for the area, Adwoa Safo for the recent controversy surrounding the Kwabenya SHS.

Enough of the fabriacation

Kwabenya Day SHS

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The former Municipal Chief Executive for Ga East, John Kwao Sackey dismissed Adwoa Safo’s words, describing them as untruths that should not be considered.

Speaking on Radio Gold, Mr. Sackey said at the time the Assembly had issued an approval for the acquisition of the land for the school, Adwoa Safo had not been elected for the parliamentary position.

He said it was after Former President Mahama had announced his 200 SHS vision, did the Assembly put forward their request for the school in the Kwabenya municipality.

The Haatso Market was started by the NDC when NPP came to power for the 8 years they never did anything till when we came back and completed it. We never had so many problems when Prof. Mike Ocquaye was the MP because he always checked for his facts. Adwoa Sarfo should learn from him,” he stated.

Last week, at a press conference with some NDC executives, the former Minister for Tourism, Zita Okaikoi chastised the deputy Majority Speaker for claiming credit for a project she was not involved in.

She must stop taking credit for what she has not done. If she wants credit, she should construct the road in front of her house and other roads in the area. She is a fine woman but she must stop peddling falsehood,” the former minister added.

Enough of the fabriacation

Zita Okaikoi at the NDC press briefing

Adwoa Safo, who is also the Minister of State for Procurement, has come under fire over the past few days for her claims that the Kwabenya Day SHS was a project she singlehandedly spearheaded.

According to her, the construction of the SHS was possible by her own collaborations with the World Bank.

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