War on galamsey: Gov't to deploy troops to mining sites soon- Defense Minister

War on galamsey: Gov't to deploy troops to mining sites soon- Defense Minister

- Government has launched the second phase in the fight against the galamsey menace

- Armed security troops are expected to be deployed to known galamsey pits to enforce the ban on the activity

- The President has called on all traditional leaders to support the fight to ensure a green and clean Ghana

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As part of government’s efforts to end the illegal mining menace known as galamsey, the Ministry of Defense has said it will deploy armed security troops to the illegal mining sites to enforce the ban on the activity.

War on galamsey: Gov't to deploy troops

Minister for Defense, Dominic Nitiwul. Source: Graphic.com.gh

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This will be the second phase in government’s plans to ensure the illegal mining activity is completely eradicated from the country.

According to the Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, the armed security troops are undergoing training at the moment, and will be fully resourced to effectively handle illegal miners who carry around weapons.

Speaking to Joy FM, the Defense Minister stated: “In the next couple of weeks the military and the police will be going there [illegal mining sites, but I will not be able to give the exact date out. Not because I don’t know but because it will not be in the interest of all us to do so.”

The Minister further noted that while government’s first phase in its fight against galamsey showed some success, there is more work to be done.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has called on all traditional leaders, especially those situated near these illegal mining hotspots, to come together in the fight against the menace.

He said that it was necessary that this activity is kicked out of the country, to preserve Ghana’s natural resources.

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According to President Akufo-Addo, he is willing to put his presidency on the line, if it meant ensuring the galamsey problem is resolved.

For years, the galamsey activity has caused massive damage to land and waterbodies in the country.

It has shown signs of depleting the natural green vegetation and clean waterbodies that the country had; these are now unsafe for drinking or any other use.

War on galamsey: Gov't to deploy troops

Galamsey mine

The government’s ban on galamsey was supported by a media coalition of the various media and print publication houses in the country, who came together to start the #StopGalamseyNow campaign.

The campaign is aimed at educating citizens on the dangers of the illegal mining activity, and why it is necessary that all Ghanaians join the fight to end it.

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