Kafui Danku defends her decision to "expose" baby in commercial ads

Kafui Danku defends her decision to "expose" baby in commercial ads

Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku has responded to critics who've said that the actress is "over-exposing" her child by letting her participate in commercial television advertisements.

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Kafui Danku defends her decision to "expose" baby in commercial ads

Kafui Danku and baby Lorde

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Actress Kafui Danku's decision to let her eight month old baby (Lorde) participate in Royal Monopoly Baby Diaper commercial television adverts doesn't seem to have gone down well with a section of the Ghanaian public.

Prior to her "miracle" baby's birth, the Ghanaian actress had experience three miscarriages in previous pregnancies, a well known fact that may be the reason why critics have sought to caution the happy and [relatively] new mother. Although according to Kafui Danku, this is no reason for her to "hide" her baby.

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With what I have been through, having a baby calls for celebration and I should not be hiding in some corner, that won’t be glorifying God. I think it should be a thing of joy and I am not exposing her enough,” she said, speaking to the Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, July 11th.

Kafui Danku also revealed that Royal Monopoly Diapers actually brought her on as a brand ambassador, although baby Lorde gets more attention due to the agreement because the baby is the one that actually wears the product.

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We were contacted, we tested the product and realized it was good. They saw my baby, she is cute so it was a mother/baby endorsement,” she revealed.

On the other hand though, Kafui Danku hinted that she wouldn't readily endorse future products when asked if it was something she considered.

It depends on the product and how I feel about it.” she said.

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