Kumbungu MP unhappy with Casely-Hayford's apology

Kumbungu MP unhappy with Casely-Hayford's apology

- MP Ras Mubarak has stated that Mr. Casely-Hayford's apology is insufficient

- He's stated that Mr. Casely-Hayford will still have to come to parliament to answer for his comments

- Mr. Casely-Hayford made some "contemptuous" comments regarding parliament during a summit last week

Member of Parliament for the Kumbungu constituency in the Northern Region, Hon. Ras Mubarak, has said that a simple apology from Mr. Sydney Casely Hayford would not stop him from being dragged to parliament over explosive comments he made a week ago.

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Kumbungu MP unhappy with Casely-Hayford's apology

Kumbungu MP, Ras Mubarak

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Mr. Sydney Casely-Hayford, last week during a summit last week, made certain stinging remarks regarding Ghana's legislative institution that seems to have landed him in hotter waters that he may have expected.

During the summit, Mr. Casely-Hayford stated that had he the power, he would "break down" parliament since - according to him - parliamentarians don't even "read the papers they are given" and just "sit there spending money like crazy".

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“All they think of is ‘let's pass this thing quickly, let's go to Senchi Royal, let's go and sit there and chill and come back…’" said Mr. Hayford last week.

Kumbungu MP unhappy with Casely-Hayford's apology

Financial Analyst and member of Occupy Ghana, Mr. Sydney Casely-Hayford

These comments seemed to incite the Kumbungu MP, who on the floor of parliament on Thusday, July 13th, asked Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Mike Ocquaye to invite the ranking OccupyGhana member to answer for his comments.

Following the Kumbungu MP's request to Parliament's Speaker, Mr. Casely-Hayford has come on local radio stations to apologize for his comments. He's admitted that his comments were "over the top", and that he would personally write a letter of apology to parliament.

I indeed went over the top, I do apologize for that. I used some language which I suppose I should not have used. I unreservedly apologize... It wasn’t meant to be offensive, this is where I was going and if it came out the wrong way then I do apologize sincerely,” he said.

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But responding to the apology in an interview with Class FM's Chief Jerry Forson, Hon. Ras Mubarak questioned Mr. Casely-Hayford's sincerity, seeming as it'd been a week since the original comments were made.

"If I had not taken this matter to parliament, would he have come out to apologise for his comments? Because it’s about a week since he made those comments..." he asked.

It’s not up to him as an individual to say he should be forgiven or punished. There are 275 of us plus the Speaker of parliament, the clerks. All of us have been tainted by the insult, so it will take all of us..." said Hon. Mubarak.

Watch video of Mr. Casley-Hayford's comments below:

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