In Madina: Security guard saves alleged armed robber from being lynched

In Madina: Security guard saves alleged armed robber from being lynched

A security guard at the Accra College of Education has saved the life of a 27 year-old man suspected to be an armed robber was saved from being lynched by an angry mob on Tuesday evening.

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Residents of the institution have recently had their personal belonging go missing from their various places of stay.

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Items such as laptops, phones and other essential belongings have all gone missing due to this back-drop many of the students were angered and vowed to physically assault any person caught stealing.

The alleged thief

The alleged thief

Yaw Opoku spoke to online publication, and narrated the entire story to reporters.

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According to Yaw Opoku the accused was spotted by some students in the act of stealing a wheelbarrow from the school’s dining hall and since they decided they would act as vigilante’s they intercepted the accused and subjected him to severe beatings.

He said after the up roar of beating the thief, the security guard came to save the man.

The accused is now at Legon Police Station as police hold further investigations.

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