New Tonto Dikeh doesn't like her tattoos

New Tonto Dikeh doesn't like her tattoos

Popular Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh's new lease on life after the dissolving of her tumultuous marriage seems to include a tattoo-less Tonto Dikeh.

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New Tonto Dikeh doesn't like her tattoos

Tonto Dikeh

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The year 2017 has been one full of ups and downs (and probably more downs) for Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, with rumors of trouble brewing in the Nollowood actress's marriage early in the year.

These were confirmed when the actress broke down and cried during an interview with a popular media personality in Nigeria.

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This was followed by a barrage of accusations on traditional and social media between Tonto Dikeh and her Husband, Oladunni Churchill, each accusing the other of one sinister thing or another.

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Tonto saying she was being abused, and her husband alleging Tonto Dikeh has been abusing substances. It had also emerged that Tonto Dikeh vandalized her former husband Oldunni Churchill's Trassaco Home.

The couple later had their marriage dissolved when Tonto Dikeh's father and relatives went to return the bride price, all this being capture on video.

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With her marriage behind her, a rejoicing Tonto Dikeh was the last thing any onlookers thought would happen, but rejoice she did. this in the midst of rumors of her newly former husband shacking up with another Nollywood A-list-er, Rosaline Meurer.

Now in a new post on the actress's Instagram page on Sunday Morning, after fans made numerous comments concerning the actress's tattoos, Tonto Dikeh's stated that she's looking into getting them removed.

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So it seems after a long and dark road, Tonto Dikeh definitely has her sights on lighter things and a new lease on life.

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