5 serious things happening in Ghana that Nana Addo may not know about

5 serious things happening in Ghana that Nana Addo may not know about

- Nana Addo has expressed key interest in improving the lot of Ghanaians

- But amidst the promises, he may have failed to tackle some pertinent issues

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President of the republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo has resolved to move Ghana to an era of prosperity. But unfortunately, some key issues happening in the country might have eluded the president.

5 things Nana Addo failed to address in crucial press confab
5 things Nana Addo failed to address in crucial press confab (Photo: presidency.gov.gh)

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The president continues to raise critical issues mainly from the economy to other matters regarding Ghana's sanitation issues, internet connectivity among others. But what about the very critical issues that he may have lost sight of?

1. GITMO two

Granted the pronouncement of the stay of the Gitmo two as illegal by the Supreme Court, one would have thought that the president could help us understand the arrangements he plans putting in place to repatriate these men from Ghana. Already, the issue of Ghana's relations with the US comes up but just a little sentence or two could have solved the mystery.

2. Terrorism

Let's be fair, Nana Addo always talks about security in Ghana and the strife to end "barbaric mob injustices". What he failed to touch one was the threat of home grown and external terrorism. This issue, which remains the world's headache should have seen the president lay out specific plans his government wishes to take in crippling any possible attack here in the country.

3. Massive deportations and treatment of Ghanaian immigrants

Should you have read the news in the past weeks you will know how many Ghanaians are not only been deported from various countries but also maltreated abroad. Yes, we know that the foreign affairs minister was very clear on government's steps to secure the dignity of Ghanaians abroad but a word from the president would have calmed nerves the more.

4. Ghana's stance of same sex marriages

This topic of homosexuality always raises eyebrows as Ghanaians, per the conservative culture, detest to even hear of the word. But let's face it. We currently are having one of the world's most powerful human right institutions called Amnesty International persistently knock on the door of parliament lobbying of the gay marriage to be legalized and also the rights of the LGBT community respected. The president's stance on this controversial issue would have clarified Ghana's stance once and for all.

5. Ghana's relations with China

It was a moment of controversy when the vice president, Dr Bawumia, suffered huge bashing over the 15 billion agreement from the Chinese government. Even now, we do gather that Chinese businesses are trooping into Ghana in their numbers. Call it economic colonialism, the question we sought to get from Nana Addo is why the sudden focus on China! Are we to gain in the process are they rather would?

What other issues did you think the president failed always fails to address? Share with us in the comments section below.

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