Former NDC officials, Civil Servants masterminded Central Medical Stores fire?

Former NDC officials, Civil Servants masterminded Central Medical Stores fire?

- It has emerged that the Tema Central Medical Stores was burnt down to cover-up corruption

- It is emerging some former NDC officials were deep-rooted in the scandal brings you the latest news in Ghanaian politics

It is emerging that some wicked government officials within the erstwhile Mahama administration, teamed up with some corrupt Civil Servants to plot the burning down of the Tema Central Medical Stores 2015.

Former NDC officials, Civil Servants masterminded Central Medical Stores fire?
Central Medical Stores was razed down by fire in 2015

According to fresh information, the medical stores were completely burnt down to cover up massive rots and corruption between some faceless NDC officials and some workers of the health facility.

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Details of the scandal are emerging that, the medical stores, which were stocked with over $80 million worth of medicines and also about $7 million worth of medical items donated by American taxpayers were being looted and sold on the open market by these crooks.

Whiles other pharmaceutical dealers were also into shady deals of exchanging their sub-standard and expired drugs for quality government medicines at the national medical stores

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Host of Adom FM’s Morning Show, Captain Smart who is leading a crusade into the matter revealed that, the syndicate ordered the setting of fire unto the facility to cover up an Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO) investigations into some huge sums of expired drugs case uncovered at the facility.

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Captain Smart also disclosed that, the group took a calculated steps to set ablaze the medical stores.

He also insisted that, the John Mahama administration swiftly reshuffled the then Health Minister, Sherry Ayitey as soon as she made an attempt to investigating the matter to cover up his men in the whole scandal.

In 2012, a committee which was established to investigate the arson case, name one Samuel Dogbe, a laborer at the Medical Stores as being behind the fire.

Some 12 officials of the Ghana Health Service who were also accused of playing various roles in the scandal were also interdicted 2016 but nothing has been done.

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Watch the details of Captain Smart’s revelation in a video below:

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