We don't owe him anything- Ghana@60 committee dismisses Chief Moomen's claims

We don't owe him anything- Ghana@60 committee dismisses Chief Moomen's claims

- The Ghana@60 committee has yet again dismissed the claims by playwright Chief Moomen

- According to the chairman, they do not have any settlements left to account for regarding his concert

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The Ghana@60 committee has said that they do not owe any outstanding payments to playwright and poet Chief Moomen.

We don't owe Chief Moomen any- Ghana@60 committee

The flyer for the Wogbe Jeke concert

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According to the chairman of the committee, Ken Amankwah, the budget for playwright's Wogbe Jeke concert for Ghana’s Golden Diamond Jubilee celebration, was not approved.

He asserted that Chief Moomen had received the first half of the payment in the amount of GHC 100,000 even though he never signed an actual contract.

Mr. Amankwah was speaking on Citi FM, when he said: “Every event organiser that we have had to do something for us we have to have him or her to sign a contract with us. Moomen never came to sign a contract. Now he is going round saying that we owe him, we don’t owe him anything because we never promised to pay him the amount he demanded.”

Mr. Amankwah stated that his committee had not made a formal agreement with Moomen, hence his claims that government is refusing to pay what is owed him are baseless.

The chairman further disclosed that Moomen’s concert was already sponsored by the Key Soap, hence whatever agreement that was supposedly made with the government was merely an additional incentive.

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So if you come to us, it’s just a top up. So if a corporate body asks you to submit account for them and you can’t bring that account then you start making excuses that because somebody didn’t pay you that’s why you couldn’t carry the programme. That is a very bad characterization,” the chairman added.

Chief Moomen had earlier bemoaned how the Government of Ghana ‘refused’ to pay monies owed him for his participation in the Ghana@60 celebrations.

According to Moomen, he was contracted by government to show a special edition of Wogbe Jeke during the Ghana@60 celebrations.

However, government has only paid half of the bill and according to Moomen, several attempts by his company to reach out to government for the rest of the payment were never met.

He has since appealed for support to enable him to go ahead with the upcoming production in July.

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