Jon Benjamin takes a final swipe at John Dumelo, calls his comments "sexist"

Jon Benjamin takes a final swipe at John Dumelo, calls his comments "sexist"

- Jon Benjamin has described one of John Dumelo's recent comments as "sexist".

- He was referring to recent comments the Ghanaian actor made on GTV

- Dumelo stated that women who were independent tend to be disrespectful

Outgoing British High Commissioner, Hon. Jon Benjamin, has shared a tweet on his personal Twitter page referring to recent comments made by Ghanaian actor and philanthropist Jon Dumelo as "sexist".

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Jon Benjamin takes a final swipe at Jon Dumelo, calls his comments "sexist"
Outgoing UK High Commissioner, Mr. Jon Benjamin

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Ghanaians have known the outgoing UK High Commissioner to Ghana for his "unorthodox" style of diplomacy. According to some Ghanaians, Mr. Benjamin's sometimes direct comments on local Ghanaian affairs have repeatedly been referred to as intrusive, with some complaining that the ongoing British diplomatic comments on matters which do not concern him too much.

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Jon Dumelo, speaking in an interview on GTV's What Men Like, stated that he felt women who are independent tended to be "disrespectful". He said that although he didn't mind dating a woman wealthier than he is, he would make sure he earned his own money if that were to happen.

"I wouldn’t want a case where I depend on the woman financially.. that is when women are bad…" said John Dumelo.

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But responding to John Dumelo's comments, outgoing UK High Commissioner Jon Benjamin has stated that actor John Dumelo's comments are sexist.

In his scathing response regarding Mr. Dumelo, outgoing High Commissioner Jon Benjamin asked if Jon Dumelo would still think a richer woman would be disrespectful if she (hypothetically) gifted him a V8 luxury vehicle. This was an obvious reference towards John Dumelo's somewhat recent woes concerning some state vehicles that were found in his possession.

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