Amadu Sulley ‘illegally’ took GHC6million from political parties – Charlotte Osei

Amadu Sulley ‘illegally’ took GHC6million from political parties – Charlotte Osei

- Charlotte Osei says Amadu Sulley illegally took GHc6million from political parties in 2016

- She says her deputy also signed GHc40million contract without her knowledge brings you the latest news in Ghanaian politics

Madam Charlotte Osei, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, has exposed that, the Deputy Chairperson of the EC in charge of operations, Amadu Sulley used his position in bagging some whopping GHc6million from various political parties in run up to the 2016 election.

Amadu Sulley ‘illegally’ took GHC6million from political parties – Charlotte Osei

Madam Charlotte Osei, EC boss

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According to Madam Osei, “political party primaries were treated as a private commercial project by Mr Amadu with funds paid directly into the personal accounts of key staff for functions to be performed for party primaries”

She has therefore vowed to order a full-scale investigations into the conduct of Amadu Sulley and all other commissioners of the EC who benefited from such serious crimes against the nation.

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The EC boss has also accused the her Deputy Commissioner of signing some illegal contracts worth over GHc40million without going through due process prior to her approval.

Madam Osei in a response to a petition filed by some aggrieved employees at the Commission said: Mr Amadu extorted in excess of GHc6million in cash from political parties for organization of party primaries without recourse to the structures of the Commission, and also without the involvement of the finance department of the EC.

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Amadu Sulley ‘illegally’ took GHC6million from political parties – Charlotte Osei

Mr Amadu Sulley

“It is worth pointing out, that while the Chairperson is persistently accused of arrogance and taking unilateral decisions, there is ample evidence of extreme arrogance, ineptitude and blatant breaches of the law by the deputy Chairpersons. The Deputy Chairperson has signed contracts worth over GHS40m without knowledge and authorization of the Chairperson between July-September 2015,” she exposed.

Mrs Osei further exposed, “payments were made on these contracts in excess of her approval limits and again, without the knowledge and authorization of the Chairperson.”

This, according to her is “illegal, criminal and a breach of the policies of the Commission and the laws of Ghana.”

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