Charlotte Osei rejected Afari-Gyan’s office, bungalow & V8 – Deputy EC Chair fights back

Charlotte Osei rejected Afari-Gyan’s office, bungalow & V8 – Deputy EC Chair fights back

- The Deputy Chairperson of the EC says Charlotte Osei rejected all assets of the Commission passed onto her from Dr Afari Gyan

- She Madam Osei arranged for new office herself and a brand new V8 from the Presidency brings you the latest news in Ghanaian politics

An angry Deputy Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Madam Georgina Opoku-Amankwa, has muddy the waters in the raging controversy between top members of the EC and the chairperson, Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

Charlotte Osei rejected Afari-Gyan’s office, bungalow & V8 – Deputy EC Chair fights back

Deputy Chairperson of EC, Madam Georgina Opoku-Amankwa

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In an effort to put a defense in the damning accusations leveled against her by the EC boss, Madam Opoku-Amankwa has disclosed that, insatiable Charlotte Osei rejected using an office passed onto her by her former predecessor, claiming it was unfit for her use.

She is also alleged to have rejected all other assets of the EC including an official Bangalow and a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 vehicle which was used by Dr Afari Gyan.

According to the deputy EC chair, Madam Osei rather ordered the Human Resource Directorate of the EC to vacate their complex for her occupant, with the claims that it was more convenient for her.

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Georgina Opoku Amankwa responding to Charlotte Osei’s accusations noted that, her claims of not being given a befitting office after her appointment is false. She told the media that an allegation of such nature gives the impression as if the Electoral Commission was created before she was appointed as a Chairperson.

“Since 1992, the Commission had been chaired by Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, Mrs. Charlotte Osei upon her assumption of office, told us the office of her predecessor situated in the same premises of the two deputies refused to take up the office. Claiming she had a security audit conducted by a security detail from the Office of the President and indicated that the office was not fit and safe for her occupation”, Madam Opoku-Amankwa exposed.

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According to Madam Opoku-Amankwa, Charlotte Osei, having taken over the the Directorate of the Human Resource, thereafter “contracted her own artisans to do a complete makeover fitting with shower cubicle fittings and furniture in the office,” the EC deputy chair added.

The angry EC officer also added that, Madam Charlotte Osei surprisingly declared the official V8 Land Cruiser 2014 registered vehicle, which was procured only a year before her appointment and used by Dr Afari Gyan also unfit to use.

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Charlotte Osei rejected Afari-Gyan’s office, bungalow & V8 – Deputy EC Chair fights back

Madam Charlotte Osei, EC boss

“Unknown to members of the Commission, she arranged for a brand new 2015 V8 Land Cruiser vehicle from the Office of the President and in addition to this she reverted the 2014 registered V8 Land Cruiser (Dr. Afari-Gyan’s official vehicle) for use by her household. It is important to note that the two Deputies as at now continue to use 2011 registered vehicles inherited from their predecessors,” an irritated Opoku Amankwa disclosed.

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