Asamoah Gyan finally speaks on the true story behind Castro's disappearance in 2014

Asamoah Gyan finally speaks on the true story behind Castro's disappearance in 2014

Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan has opened up on what actually happened before the disappearance of long-term friend Castro during an outing three years ago.

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Gyan and Hip Life artiste Castro were very close friends, and had even recorded a couple of hit songs together.

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However, Castro mysteriously disappeared after reportedly drowning in the Ada river, where the pair, together with some friends, were on vacation.

There have been many rumours surrounding the disappearance of the artiste, however, Gyan who was with him hours before the incident has now revealed what really happened on that fateful day.

Asamoah Gyan finally speaks on the true story behind Castro's disappearance in 2014
Asamoah Gyan finally speaks on the true story behind Castro's disappearance in 2014

Speaking on the Delay Show, Gyan narrated: “We went on a holiday trip. That was the first time we visited Aqua Safari. Every year we go to Akosombo. But that particular year, we were informed they had problems.

“We went anyway and everything was fine. We were supposed to spend three days so on the second day which was a Saturday, I took out the Jet Ski with my boys in the morning because I had been to places where I used it.

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

"However, that was the first time they were using the Jet Ski so the guards sat behind us. Castro did not go with us on the first day out with the Jet Ski. He was tired from the previous night so could not wake early in the morning."

Gyan further narrates that Castro only decided to jet ski the next day and was in a lifejacket.

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However, Janet Bandu – the lady who disappeared together with the musician – was without one as the pair went jet skiing.

According to him, his elder brother Baffour Gyan, tried to caution them to be wary of their safety, but they had already sped off.

According to my brother, Castro came back to quickly pick Janet in an attempt to skip his scolding run off without a life vest.

“The owners of the Jet Skis later came to us during the volley ball game to tell us our time was up but one of their Jet Skis hadn’t been returned.

“We offered to pay a top up after figuring out Castro was not back.”

He revealed that they were confident Castro was still alive, until they saw the demeanor of one of the owners of the jet skies.

Castro's partner, Janet Bandu
Castro's partner, Janet Bandu

As the guy came closer, he shook his head and I asked what he was trying to tell me. I started crying. My brother was already crying saying ‘I warned him’ as the guy talked to us.

“My manager is a very emotional person and his reaction was discouraging me.”

The Ghana captain says he was in tears by then, adding that the episode led them into consulting a priest to know the whereabouts of their friends, but to no avail.

The priest at the oracle did what he had to do and shook his head. I was uncontrollable at the time because I could not bear it anymore.

“I asked what we were supposed to do and he said there were rites which will make us find the dead body.

“According to what he saw during his rites, the lady (Janet) fell into the water and Castro took off his life vest to save her. I know Castro is a good swimmer. He has saved one of my friends.

“When he said that, I knew it could be true. I’ve seen him do it before.

Unfortunately Castro has since not been found after reportedly drowning in the Ada river with Janet Bandu.

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