EC Deputy Chairperson responds to allegations of financial misconduct

EC Deputy Chairperson responds to allegations of financial misconduct

- EC Deputy Chair has reportedly denied claims that she signed contracts without EC chairperson's permision

- She's alleged to have stated that she signed contracts in her capacity as the commissions Entity Tender Committee chairperson

Deputy Chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Commission (EC), Madam Georgina Opoku Amankwa, has dismissed claims alleging that she allegedly signed contracts worth worth large sums of money without proper authorization from the commission's chairperson.

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EC Deputy Chairperson responds to allegations of financial misconduct

Deputy Chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Commission, Georgina Opoku Amankwa

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Following reports of a petition being lodged at the Presidency demanding her impeachment from office Madam Charlotte Osei, Chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Committee, issued a 27 point response answering each claim made against her in the impeachment petition.

In her response, Madam Charlotte Osei alleged that the petition against her had been made by persons in her outfit who were unhappy with the Chairperson's "clampdown" on corruption.

Payments were also made on these contracts in excess of her approval limits and again, without the knowledge and authorisation of the chairperson. This is illegal, criminal and a breach of the policies of the commission and the laws of Ghana."

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But according to a report published by, Madam Georgina Opoku Amankwa has been quoted to have said that all contracts she signed were in done when she [Georgina Amankwa] was the acting chairperson of the commission's Entity Tender Committee (ETC).

Madam Amankwa is reported to said that "as a matter of principle and convention" the chairperson of the commission's Entity Tender Committee "signs award of contract letters". She stated that contracts she signed as the commission's ETC chair had already been evaluated, reviewed, and approved prior to the ETC chairperson's approval.

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"I was therefore in an official capacity to sign those contracts and so did I. It is important to underscore that the processes leading to the signing of these contracts had been concluded prior to her taking over as the Chair of the ETC,” said Madam Opoku Amankwa.

Madam Amankwa is also reported to have said that since elections are "time-bound and action-packed" events a failure to sign contracts may potentially "put the election calendar in peril". She [Madam Georgina Amankwa] allegedly said that since the chairperson "recluse herself from office without informing her deputies", there were scare instances where she [Georgina Amankwa] had to sign contracts due to the Chairperson's absence.

"This was done to ensure that the 2016 General Elections were not in jeopardy. This allegation is therefore frivolous, unmeritorious and borne out of bad faith,” she reportedly said

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