Relief at last! You could soon purchase ECG prepaid credit from your phone

Relief at last! You could soon purchase ECG prepaid credit from your phone

- The prime reason for the development of the application was to eliminate the stress involved in purchasing credit from vending points.

- Payments can be made via mobile money, MasterCard or Visa

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Relief at last! You could soon purchase ECG prepaid credit from your phone
Direction to an ECG vending point

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The provision of a sustainable supply of electricity has been a challenge that recent governments have had to deal with in Ghana.

It history could be traced to the year 2001 when there was a reduction in the generation of electricity, as a result of a fall in the water level in the Akosombo dam, which is the main hydro – electric dam in Ghana.

However, there was a rise in the level of water, and the power crisis was seemingly stabilized in the year 2008.

In the year 2012, the then president., John Mahama announced that the West African Gas Pipeline had been severed by a ship’s anchor, and as such the turbines had to be shut down because of the shortage of fuel.

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That marked the beginning of the load scheduling and the Ghana’s battle with power crises.

The Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) estimated that about $1bn was lost as a result of the erratic power situation.

Inasmuch as the current situation appears more convenient than it was before, a related challenge captured the attention of Ghanaians.

With the introduction of prepaid metres, users had to purchase electricity from vendors.

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A cross – section of Ghanaians came to the realization that even though this novelty considerable eased the toil of settling monthly bills issues by the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG), there was a related challenge with regard to the purchase of credit from the vendors.

Relief at last! You could soon purchase ECG prepaid credit from your phone
A prepaid metre from ECG

One had no choice but to join a queue at the place of purchase wait till the transaction is complete. There were time when the network was not too favourable, and as such, consumers had to leave the premises and return some other time.

The news of the development of an application that eases the stress associated with the purchase of credit from ECG is indeed a welcome relief for Ghanaians.

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He sought to understand why people has to undergo stress, just to purchase credit for electricity.

His software, E-prepaid, gives users the opportunity to purchase electricity using smart phones.

He admitted that the core reason he was pushed to do this was the stress he had to go through in order to secure credit for use. He therefore spoke with a few friends, and then they hatched the idea.

The application is compatible with mobile money platforms, VISA and MasterCard, and as such users can make purchases through these means.

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