NPP General Secretary says NPP will never trust Electoral Commission

NPP General Secretary says NPP will never trust Electoral Commission

- Mr. John Boadu has stated the EC scandal has strengthened his party's distrust of the Electoral Commission

- He has asked members to be careful what they to uphold the party's reputation

Mr. John Boadu, the ruling New Patriotic Party's (NPP) acting General Secretary, has stated that the ruling party will never trust the Ghana Electoral Commission (EC).

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NPP General Secretary says NPP will never trust EC

NPP acting General Secretary, Mr. John Boadu

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Mr. Boadu, speaking to party delegates during the ruling party's Volta Regional Conference on on Thursday, July 27th, the NPP's acting General Secretary said that the ongoing debacle at the EC has only worked to solidify the ruling party's lack of trust of the EC garnered over the years.

Mr. Boadu related that had it not been for NPP member's vigilance during the hotly contested 2016 December General Elections, the ruling party would have officially lost the elections.

“As for Electoral Commission, there is no way in the history of our party that we’re going to trust any electoral commission or what so ever, we won’t.

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"To hear the story that is being told now, one commissioner accusing the other, if we had sat down without taking our destiny into our own hands [in 2016], we would have been laughing at the wrong side of our mouth now,” he pointed out.

Acting General Secretary John Boadu went on to compliment party members for their hard work towards getting the NPP back into political power. He also urged party members to be circumspect in the way the speak in order for them to avoid casting the current administration in a bad light.

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Mr. Sammy Awuku, the NPP's National Youth Organizer, also speaking at the event, urged government appointees to keep members in mind when it came to work opportunities. He pointed out that the same was done by the opposition NDC in 2010.

"To our government appointees please when you’re throwing the good news let some touch our party people first... Let me tell, when in 2010, NDC carried their supporters to South Africa [Fifa World Cup], we didn’t complain, when they carried them to Equatorial Guinea and Brazil, we didn’t complain because to us, they’re Ghanaians,” Said Sammy Awuku.

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