Virgin pastor vows to go on crusade in Denkyira Obuasi

Virgin pastor vows to go on crusade in Denkyira Obuasi

Mr. Job Antwi, the spokesperson for the Association of Virgin Pastors has revealed that he will hold a Christian crusade in Denkyira Obuasi

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Virgin pastor vows to go on crusade in Denkyira Obsi

Job Antwi

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Speaking in a recent video posted online, Mr. Job Antwi stated that his responsibility as God's "anointed" is to win "lost" souls for God wherever he could, and that Denkyira Obuasi was no exception.

The town of Denkyira Obuasi continues to live in infamy since the residents brutally lynched and killed service member of the Ghana Armed Forces, Majow Maxwell Adams Mahama. The act was met with overwhelming criticism, and the town has become a pariah for most Ghanaians who have vowed never to set foot there.

One of such people is Prophet Kumchacha, founder of the Heaven's Gate Ministry International, who said he'd also never set foot in the town of Denkyira Obuasi.

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"If the people of Denkyira Obuasi will only gain salvation through my preaching then I promise them, they will indeed perish, I am too young to lose my life,” he said.

But in an interview with Adom FM, Mr. Job Antwi stated that God has given him the ability to convert even the most notorious and dishonorable individuals.

"God has given me strength and grace so I can visit Denkyira Obuasi to preach the good news of salvation for the people to repent,’" he said.

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