Bandex, entertainment pundit trade 'blows' over Ebony’s ‘indecent’ dressing

Bandex, entertainment pundit trade 'blows' over Ebony’s ‘indecent’ dressing brings you the latest news in Ghanaian politics

Some entertainment pundits who appeared on an Accra-based radio station to discuss industry issues nearly punched themselves over a dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns

Bandex, entertainment pundit trade 'blows' over Ebony’s ‘naked’ dressing
Ebony Reigns and father

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A heated argument erupted on Adom FM last Saturday, when a panel member accused a popular music producer Alhaji Banda better known as Bandex, an adult who endorses the artiste's immoral behavior and lifestyle.

The panelist by name Okukuseku argued that, Ebony as an musician, ought to demonstrate pure talent, by showing Ghanaians her ‘brains’ instead of popping up her body for public display.

He also took a swipe at the artiste’s father for openly defending her ‘loose’ daughter instead of whipping her in line.

Okukuseku commented that, though he enjoys Ebony’s songs, he totally dislikes her ‘bad’ habit and her persona.

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Bandex, entertainment pundit trade 'blows' over Ebony’s ‘naked’ dressing
Alhaji Banda, Music and movie producer

However, Alhaji Banda who was clearly not happy about comments made about him, labeled Okukusuku as hypocrite, insisting that, there is nothing wrong with the artiste’s line of dressing.

Bandex defended that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the young lady, for showing parts of her body in a bid to entertain her fans.

His comment was said to have angered Okukuseku, who again waded into the argument describing the renowned music and movie producer as as a bad parent who condones immoral behavior.

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“Bandex, you are a bad parent, how can you support this bad behaviour of Ebony, someone who always exposes her body, can you allow your daughter to do this., he questioned”

“As for the father, I was expecting him to advise the daughter than coming out to defend the girl’s behaviour, the father should have found a way to caution the daughter”, he added.

Okukuseku warned that, if care is not taken, the unborn generation will come copy questionable attitudes which will go a long way to affect society all in the name of showbiz.

However, Alhaji Banda maintained that, there is nothing wrong with Ebony’s dressing since in his opinion, it’s all part of showbiz.

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