Ace Ankomah now agrees with Mahama "last minute" AG appointment

Ace Ankomah now agrees with Mahama "last minute" AG appointment

- Ace Ankomah has stated that he now agrees with former president Mahama's appointment of Mr. Domelovo

- President Mahama appointment Mr. Domelovo as Ghana's next Auditor General

- The appointment was made in the last days of president Mahama's tenure in office

Private legal practitioner, Mr. Ace Ankomah, has commended former president John Dramani Mahama for appointing Mr. Daniel Domelovo as Ghana's next Auditor General prior his handing over of the reigns of government.

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Ace Ankomah commends former president Mahama for "last minute" Auditor-General appointment

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Contrary to previous comments Mr. Ace Ankomah is known to have said, the seasoned legal practitioner stated that former president Mahama's "last minute" appointment of Mr. Daniel Demolovo as the Auditor General is one that deserves commendation.

Ace Ankomah, speaking to Joy FM's Kojo Yankson on Wednesday's Super Morning Show, said that his opinion of the relatively new Auditor General was changed after their first encounter of each other.

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Mr. Ankomah related that during the first meeting, Mr. Domelovo told him [Ace Ankomah] that they were both on the same side in their quests to ensure the protection of state funds.

In a very rare occasion, Mr. Ankomah said former president John Mahama especially deserved to be congratulated for "bringing this man [Mr. Domelovo] to Ghana".

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Prior to handing over government and after the hotly contested December elections, then president Mahama made several last minute appointments, one of which was appointing Mr. Daniel Domelovo as Ghana's new Auditor General.

Prior to his accepting the position Ghanaians were led to believe Mr. Domelovo refused the appointment due to failing to show up for his swearing in ceremony. It later surfaced that contrary to the rumor that Mr. Domelovo rejected the appointment, it turned out that he had flown to Zambia to seek consultation from his former employers.

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