8 things we hate about Ghanaian music videos

8 things we hate about Ghanaian music videos

Ghanaian celebs always give us a true dose of entertainment with their songs filled with catchy rhythm and rhymes.

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However when it comes to the videos it seems to be going one way and is never truly changed.

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Although over the years the music videos have been transformed for the past two decades the sheer level of originality is slightly lacking in the music industry.

These are just a few of the monotonous things in Ghanaian music videos which is getting a bit boring for audiences.

1. They always have girls twerking:

The girls somehow are always twerking in our face.

Although some may consider it a good thing it crosses a certain line when every single video you watch a girl is shaking her assets. Whatever happened to good authentic music?

2. Cars must always be inside

Oh the cars from Mercedes Benz to supercars like Ferrari these musicians don't play when it comes to securing their luxury cars, it has almost become a prerequisite for music videos.

3. They must always be in love

When there is an R&B song or even the normal hiplife hip-hop we enjoy there must always be a love interest in the videos. The men are always in pursuit of very voluminous looking females that you do not see on a regular basis.

4. It must be a party

Kwee as for the parties they are a must, because most Ghanaian beats have a party anthem behind it. These songs are recorded for the masses to dance to.

5. Slow motion like all the time

If you have ever taken time to sit and observe it seems most Ghanaian directors have a single thing in common they always make some parts of their videos go slower than other. I have no idea what on earth they are trying to emphasize but it is a bit much after the second.

6. The dance extras are overhyped

Dance extras are constantly trying to out dance each other and even outdo the artist themselves. They shake harder jump higher and have facial expression that rivals that of actor themselves.

7. Popping bottles for no exact reason

For no very solid reason musicians always see the need to have alcohol being wasted. Remy Martins, Cirocs have become disposable drinks in these videos whether or not they have replaced the drinks we have no idea.

8. When the song is about love yet the video is in a club

The only thing you can say to this is this video does not make a single sense. Let the video emulate the message as simple as that.

All in all we do appreciate our artistes and celebrate them.

Some artistes have managed to raise the bar with their music videos and it is just wise to be as original and not tread the same group as artists before them.

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