Rawlings condemns sanitation offenders

Rawlings condemns sanitation offenders

- Jerry Rawlings has called for the ruthless prosecution of people who liter the streets on Accra with refuse

- Speaking in Accra on Saturday, the former president said if he had the power, he would jail three or more people every week till sanitation in the capital improves

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Former president Jerry John Rawlings has condemned people who indiscriminately dispose of refuse on the streets of Accra.

Rawlings condemns sanitation offenders; threatens to jail them

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Rawlings, who was speaking on Saturday at the Asafotufiam Festival held in the Greater Accra Region, said it was time to deal ruthlessly with such people as part of measures to keep the capital clean.

The former leader, who was awarded by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and made a sanitation ambassador, said it was pity that the position was just a ceremonial one.

He said if the position was backed with power, he would jail at least five people every week until Accra was rid of filth.

“You are lucky the position given to me is just a ceremonial one. If I was acting in the actual capacity, I would jail about three to five people a week till Accra becomes clean again," he was quoted as saying citifmonline.com.

He said the measure was necessary to teach those who collect refuse and dump them by the roadside a lesson.

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