Sulley Muntari denies slapping Ghanaian referee in Kotobabi friendly match

Sulley Muntari denies slapping Ghanaian referee in Kotobabi friendly match

- Sulley Muntari has denied allegations of slapping a local referee

- Says attempts to drag his name through the mud won't work

- His denial has been supported by Laryea Kingston

Former Black Stars midfielder, Sulley Muntari, has denied allegations made by a Ghanaian referee who accused the former AC Milan player of slapping him during a local friendly match.

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Sulley Muntari denies slapping Ghanaian referee in Kotobabi friendly match

Former Black Stars midfielder, Sulley Muntari

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Recently, a local Ghanaian coach who goes by the name of John Terry, had alleged that Sulley Muntari slapped him during a local friendly match between the Sulley Muntari XI and the Laryea Kingston XI.

According to John Terry, the incident occurred after he stopped the game due to an incident he needed to give his attention to, something Mr. Terry says didn't sit well with Muntari. Mr. Terry stated that after initially giving Muntari a yellow card for openly protesting his [Terry] decision, Muntari made a bee line straight towards him and slapped him.

According to John Terry, after the alleged assault, Laryea Kingston, also a former Black Star player, asked Mr. Terry to let things go.

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But in a message shared on his official Twitter page, Sulley Muntari has responded to the slap allegations and stated that the attempt to drag him through the mud won't work since "you can never beat a person who never gives up".

Sulley Muntari's comments come on the back of those made by Laryea Kingston's, who speaking to supported Sulley Muntari stating that he [Muntari] never slapped the referee.

I was there when the whole thing started. Sulley never slapped the guy. It’s a lie,” said Laryea Kingston.

Laryea Kingston stated that while on the bench, he witnessed the refereed continuously frustrate Muntari, with Muntari rather keeping a cool and head and always trying to talk to the referee to say that he was being too harsh.

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Mr. Kingston stated that one time Sulley knocked down an opposing player and should have been called to order, but that the referee decided not to call the foul. Kingston says it was at this point that Sulley decided to confront the referee.

"Surprisingly, the referee told Sulley he’s not the one to teach him his job. That was when Sulley got angry and wanted to confront the referee but he was restricted by myself, Eric Bekoe and Sheikh Tophic of GHANAsoccernet (who also played in the game) rushed to restrict Sulley." Said Laryea Kingston.

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