NDC members petition party to take disciplinary action against Martin Amidu's

NDC members petition party to take disciplinary action against Martin Amidu's

- Two 2016 parliamentary candidates have lodged a petition against Mr. Martin Amidu with the NDC

- They've alleged that Mr. Amidu's has systematically tried to bring the party in disrepute

Two 2016 Parliamentary candidates of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have petitioned the party's National Executive Committee to execute disciplinary measures against Ms. Martin A.B.K. Amidu.

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NDC members petition party to suspend Martin Amidu's membership

LEFT: Lawyer Evans Amankwah RIGHT: Abigail Elorm Mensah

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Martin Amidu, a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice under the Mills led NDC administration, has previously made several allegations against former NDC government appointees. Even though he [Mr. Amidu] is a known NDC member, he's never shied away from a chance to give fellow NDC members a tongue lashing.

The petition, signed by Mr. Evans Amankwa and Madam Abigail Elorm Mensah, asks the opposition NDC National Executive Committee to reign in Mr. Amidu - popularly known as the Citizen Vigilante - in an effort to put an end to his almost continuous media onslaught against the main opposition party.

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According to the petition's two signatories, Mr. Amidu - in his actions and publications - has:

A. brought and continues to bring the Party into disrepute and public ridicule contrary to Article 46(8) of the Party’s constitution; and

B. weakened Party unity and cohesion contrary to article 45 of the party’s constitution.

The petitioners go on to highlight four instances where Mr. Amidu's actions in some way, shape, or form had a negative impact on the party's public image and/or reputation.

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Even though the petition starts off by acknowledging Mr. Amidu's status within the main opposition NDC, the petition concludes by asking the executive committee to take some sort of disciplinary actions against Mr. Martin Amidu.

"We are willing and ready to assist the Executive Committee in investigating the matters listed above further with the aim of upholding the constitution of the Party." Says the petition.

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