Mzbel is a brave artist - Samini

Mzbel is a brave artist - Samini

Well known raggae and dancehall artist Samini has given Ghanaian songstress Mzbel a great compliment by calling her "brave" due to the amount of public resentment she's had to deal with.

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Mzbel is a brave artist


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According to Samini - born Emmanuel Andrews Samini - what Mzbel's had to go through, no other female artist has had to deal with. Samini related that the level of resentment Mzbel has had to go through, coupled with all the personal tragedies she's had to deal with, makes her a brave person.

Speaking as a guest talker on 3 Music Flavor, Samini applauded Mzbel's ability to remain free and outspoken considering the fact that she's had to deal with many difficulty issues.

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"I don’t think there’s any female artist that can compare themselves to what MzBel has been through. From the abuse from fans and Ghanaians.

To the rape at her apartment, the whole musical journey, then the election saga. I think she is brave to always feel free, speak up and represent herself.’"

Mzbel's rise to Ghanaian popularity was marked by a somewhat controversial style, music, and racy outfits. Further commenting on Mzbel's perseverance, pointed out that Mzbel's interviews are always marked her the artist's [Mzbel] confidence.

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When you see her interviews, she’s confident and that’s one thing I like about her,’’ Samini said..

On a different subject, regardless of his "bad blood" with fellow dance hall artist Shatta Wale, Samini conceded that his favorite Shatta Wale song is Chop Kiss.

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