Tonto Dikeh pens an open letter to all her critics

Tonto Dikeh pens an open letter to all her critics

Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has penned an open letter addressed to her critics on her official Instagram profile page expressing her resolve to focus on the positive aspects of her life and career.

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Tonto Dikeh pens an open letter to all her critics

Tonto Dikeh

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From an outsiders point of view, it would be fair for one to conclude that from late 2016 till date, Nollywood A-lister Tonto Dikeh's has had a pretty rough time by all accounts.

From early signs of trouble with the actress breaking down and crying during a video interview, to reports of an irate Tonto Dikeh on rampage in her husband's Trassavo Estate home, and finally reports of the troubled marriage coming to an abrupt and unexpected end.

Although critics had a field day commenting on the NigerianA-lister's personal affairs, it seems as though Tonto Dikeh's decision to turn a new leaf is working well for her person and peace of mind.

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In a recent post on the popular actress's Instagram page, Tonto Dikeh expresses her intent to stop paying attention to the "hate" in her life, and from critics of her life and work.

"It's time to start thanking the people who love and appreciate you..Put all that clap back power into Loving and replying the true fans/Friends/family etc.. You want to know what true happiness is? Get blind to hate, Constantly speak love into your life, Command love with everything you do and in no time your mindset will adjust to seeing only the love comments that comes your way," writes Tonto Dikeh.

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It's not exactly what Tonto Dikeh's plans are for the future but one thing's for sure, those of her critics that used to enjoy her attention via "clap-backs" and sassy responses to their digs may may quite a while before they get their responses from now on.


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