I hate hero worship - Obed Asamoah

I hate hero worship - Obed Asamoah

- Former NDC Chairman supports Valerie Sawyer's criticism of former president Rawlings

- He's stressed that he hates hero worship

Mr. Obed Asamoah, a former Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has backed fellow NDC member, Dr. Valerie Sawyer's decision to criticize President Rawlings' recent comments concerning the party he founded.

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I hate hero worship - Obed Asamoah

Former NDC Chairman, Mr. Obed Asamoah

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According to the former NDC capo, Dr. Valerie Sawyer's decision to criticize former president Rawlings was no faux pas at all. He related that he sent Dr. Sawyer a text congratulating her for being up front and that it didn't come as a surprise for him that the article was about the former head of state.

Speaking in an interview with Joys' Emefa Apawu, Mr. Asamoah urges Ghanaians to endeavor to be more open and "speak their mind" regardless of who exactly the matter involves.

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Everybody is in good standing to criticise. That has always been my philosophy, that anybody should have the freedom to speak his mind and people shouldn’t just worship people just because they happen to be Mr A or Mr B." Said Mr. Asamoah.

Dr. Asamoah stressed that, in particular, it was the fact that some worshiping people to the extent of ignoring the person's faults and mistakes was what he hated the the most, saying, "that, I can’t stand that”.

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Asked what he thought of the method Dr. Sawyer used to publicly criticize former president Rawlings, the former NDC National Chairman stressed that he too had done similar, "we are in the same boat".

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