Politicians are 'greedy, self-serving cabals-Gyampo slams Osafo-Marfo over Sons' employment

Politicians are 'greedy, self-serving cabals-Gyampo slams Osafo-Marfo over Sons' employment

- Prof. Gyampo has said Ghanaian politicians do not care about the country as they are only concerned with serving their own interests

- He has criticized the Senior Minister for indicating that there no more jobs in the public sector while employing his own children

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A lecturer at the University of Ghana Political Science department, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has taken a swipe at the Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Marfo for approving the enrollment of his children into the public sector.

Gyampo slams Osafo-Maafo

Yaw Osafo-Marfo

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Earlier this week, the minister indicated that there could be a lay-off exercise in the public sector unless government manages to partner with the private sector to create more jobs.

However in a Facebook post sighted by YEN.com.gh, Prof. Gyampo called out the minister for making such statement, especially when during his time in opposition he (Marfo) heavily berated the previous government for making the same utterances.

Gyampo lambasted the minister for enrolling his own sons into the public sector while telling other Ghanaians that are no more vacancies, and some workers would possibly be laid off.

Gyampo slams Osafo-Maafo

Source: Facebook.com/Kwaku Henryson Okrah

According to him, the minister’s jabs at the previous government while in opposition are now revealed to either be lies to attain votes or Osafo Marfo had no knowledge of the matter he had criticized.

My happiness is that the very gullible people who failed to reason with me when I argued that politicians in Africa and for that matter, Ghana, do not mean well for the ordinary citizenry, are now beginning to know about the politics of deceit. Indeed, your own supporters have taken serious issues with your recent comment on employment in the Public Sector,” Gyampo said.

The professor further condemned politicians in Ghana, describing them as “greedy and self-serving cabals” who will continue to manipulate Ghanaians because they know the people are extremely partisan.

Gyampo slams Osafo-Maafo

Source: Facebook.com

Gyampo stated: “Fellow Ghanaians and my friends, blind support to political parties only promote the interests of political elites, their children and cronies. it is in our own interest to rise above the kind of excessive partisanship that breeds political madness, undermines our own sovereignty as the real owners of power and makes us gullible and manipulable tools in the hands of selfish politicians.”

The lecturer called on all Ghanaians to rise up and keep government on their toes else they would continue to make promises they cannot fulfill and inefficiently govern the country.

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