Sack 'ungrateful' Martin Amidu now to save NDC 2020 – Yamoah Ponkoh

Sack 'ungrateful' Martin Amidu now to save NDC 2020 – Yamoah Ponkoh

- Top NDC member is calling for Martin Amidu to be sacked from the party

- He says Martin Amidu and Rawlings want to destroy the party ahead of 2020 election brings you the latest news in Ghanaian politics

Former Municipal Chief Executive of Ejiso-Juabeng, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh has called on the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to as a matter of urgency fire former Attorney General, Martin Amidu from the party.

Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu and NDC's Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh
Sack 'ungrateful' Martin Amidu now to save NDC 2020 – Yamoah Ponkoh

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According to him, Martin Amidu and former President Rawlings are on a mission to destroy the fortunes of the NDC ahead of 2020 elections, therefore there should be a punitive actions against them.

Speaking on an Accra-based Okay FM, Yamoah Ponkoh insisted that, the party must cut all ties with Martin Amidu and expel with immediate effect from the NDC.

“Let us learn something from what the NPP did. When it got to time for them to suspend some persons, they did that, a whole National Chairman of their party was suspended. Whether it was good or bad it helped their course”, he fumed.

The former MCE who was clearly not happy in his conversations, branded the party’s founder, Jerry Rawlings and Martin Amidu as ‘birds of feathers’ who will not rest until they bring the opposition NDC on its knees before the 2020 elections.

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Sack 'ungrateful' Martin Amidu now to save NDC 2020 – Yamoah Ponkoh
Former President Jerry Rawlings

“If we are not careful Martin Amidu and Rawlings will collapse the party before 2020. They are birds of the same feathers who want to scuttle things in the party before 2020”, he stressed.

Yamoah Ponkoh maintained that, Jerry Rawlings never took rest from attacking his own party members since the era of President Mills, through Mahama administration and even the party in opposition.

He lamented that, the party’s founder over the past 8-years has taken top NDC leaders to the cleaners with corruption allegations tags around them. Therefore the time has come for the party to rise and fight him back.

“When we were campaigning, he was personally campaigning against the party and we lost. He contributed heavily to the disgraceful defeat of the party. We have nowhere to go again and we must fight back which has started with Dr Valarie Sawyer,” he added.

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