Lecturer calls for the legalization of drugs by small-scale users

Lecturer calls for the legalization of drugs by small-scale users

- Dr Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua stated that the small-scale users should be distinguished from the drug lords, so they could be assisted with medical help

- He suggested that the security agencies should restrain from arbitrarily arresting people as our prisons are not fully equipped to accommodate a large number of people

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Dr Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua, a senior law lecturer at the University of Ghana has suggested that drug use by small-scale users should be legalized.

Lecturer calls for the legalization of drugs by small-scale users

The use of hard drugs continues to be a major problem in several countries all over the world

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He added that permission should also be given to who wished to make use of drugs for personal needs.

He went on to say that more often than not, people caught with drugs were often perceived to be criminals, though this may not always be the case.

Dr, Appiagyei-Atua stated that when decriminalized, the government could then take the opportunity to amend drug-related charges.

This would help to distinguish small-scale users, as well as those who either use it for personal reasons or cultivate the drug as a means of sustenance from those who use it for criminal purposes.

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He suggested that some people may engage in drug use, because they are addicted, and therefore need help.

To him, drug users who are apprehended should be given the option to opt for facing criminal charges, imprisonment or getting medical help.

He faulted Ghana’s security agencies for their swiftness in the arrest and prosecution of persons charged with drug-related offences.

He believes that the suspects should be given the opportunity to explain the circumstances under which they acquired the drugs.

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He revealed that the small-scale user is usualyy a pawn in the game, and as such efforts should be made to arrest and prosecute the actual drug lords.

Dr, Appiagyei-Atua again said that Ghana’s security systems are not fully equipped to reform wrongdoers, hence the tendency to arrest and prosecute should be carefully examined before being implemented.

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