Former GIMPA director has a message for people who read their Bibles at Work

Former GIMPA director has a message for people who read their Bibles at Work

Prof. Stephen Adei, the former director of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), has condemned some bad work ethics seen in Ghanaian workplaces. brings you the latest news in Ghana

According to him, some employees take to reading their Bibles, scrolling through their phone messages or watching television while they are on duty.

Reading your bible makes you incompetent

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He narrated how he once nearly dismissed an employee for reading their Bible during work hours.

Speaking on Ultimate FM’s Breakfast Show, Prof. Adei stated: “These days you go to an office and they have a television at the reception and people will be watching, I get so angry, people are watching these South African films translated into English and other things. You go to offices and people are busily chatting on WhatsApp when they are supposed to be working. Why do you need a television at office?"

He urged workers who are Christians to read their Bibles at home before heading to their place of work, as reading them in their offices shows ‘incompetence.’

He added that it is wrong to use the paid time slot meant for doing productive work to read holy books, and asked that all managers be held accountable when this happens in their environment.

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