Corrupt Valerie Sawyerr and ‘friends’ will soon exit NDC – Rawlings

Corrupt Valerie Sawyerr and ‘friends’ will soon exit NDC – Rawlings

- President Rawlings is warning corrupt NDC officials are getting intimidated

- He says Dr. Valerie Sawyerr and her cronies will soon live the party brings you the latest news in Ghana

Former Ghanaian leader, and founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Jerry Rawlings has warned that, Dr Valerie Sawyerr and other corrupt NDC officials will soon exit the party.

Corrupt Valerie Sawyerr and ‘friends’ will soon exit NDC – Rawlings

Dr Valerie Sawyerr and former President Rawlings

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The former Deputy Chief of Staff under the Mahama administration in few days ago launched an attack on the former NDC leader, accusing him of demonizing the top leadership of the party.

The NDC woman is also on record to have labeled President Rawlings as ‘the great saint who never does wrong’ in life.

According to Dr Sawyerr, Papa J after the 2016 election, has lead a mission of destruction by ‘flogging’ the NDC and its top ranking members to the ground, although the party is in opposition.

But Mr Rawlings commenting on the issue insisted that, a time is coming where all corrupt elements within the NDC will flee the party.

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He added that, some corrupt officials within the NDC have damaged the integrity of the party which was established on principles of probity and accountability.

“NDC is at a crossroads between those with integrity and those without. Those who lack it feel threatened by those of us who have the influence of integrity and that is what is frightening them. None of all these calls against us will hold. I mean it’s false, they know it but they have to propagate it.” Jerry Rawlings stressed.

Rawlings also warned that, the likes of Dr Valerie Sawyerr are worried about him, because they are intimidated and unsure of their future in the NDC family.

Meanwhile, some members of NDC Council of Elders who are not happy about Dr Valarie Sawyerr’s unprovoked attack, are said to have pleaded with former President Rawlings at a meeting on Tuesday.

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