Stop reading Otabil’s books; throw them into dustbins – NDC man tells Ghanaians

Stop reading Otabil’s books; throw them into dustbins – NDC man tells Ghanaians

- Top NDC member is calling on Ghanaians to stop buying Pastor Otabil's books

- He says people who have his books must throw them away into dustbins brings you latest news in Ghana

A top member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has launched vitriolic attacks on founder and leader of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil over his recent comment after the collapse of Capital Bank.

Throw Pastor Otabil’s books into dustbins – NDC man tells Ghanaians

Pastor Mensah Otabil and Alhaji Sani

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According to Alhaji Sani, all ICGC members and followers of the renowned ‘Man of God’, both home and abroad must throw away all his books into garbage cans.

The NDC man argues that, it is completely needless for people to continue buying books written by the pastor, since it will add no value to their lives.

The former Ashanti Regional first Vice Chairman of the NDC speaking on Kumasi-based Abusua FM, lambasted Pastor Mensah Otabil over the recent collapse of Capital Bank.

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He argued that, he could not understand why the influential preacher was all over criticizing the erstwhile Mahama administration, and yet could not managed a common banking operations.

“Anybody who has purchased copies of Pastor Mensa Otabil’s books should throw them away. Look at the mess he has caused in the country, you will not benefit anything from reading his books. The manner in which he was always criticizing the NDC, I thought any company under his watch will prosper, but he failed”, Alhaji Sani fumed.

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Dr Mensah Otabi speaking to his congregant recently admitted that, he had had very disturbing moment after the recent takeover of Capital Bank.

He also described the week as a terrible one, with people who look like 'insults’ have been throwing jabs at him since the takeover of Capital Bank by GCB.

But the NDC top member questioned why the ‘intelligent’ Accra-based ‘Man of God’ sat down aloof until the total collapse of the financial institution under his watch.

“He is very knowledgeable, I thought he would use his expertise to change the fortunes of the bank, why did he allow Capital Bank to collapse? He couldn’t manage just a bank?”, the NDC man mocked.

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