Meet beautiful female professional barber in Nigeria (photos)

Meet beautiful female professional barber in Nigeria (photos)

- A young female professional barber has been making waves in the city of Abuja, Nigeria

- The computer scientist has other qualifications up her sleeve in addition to being a barber

Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola is a brilliant Nigerian lady who has decided to leave her qualifications aside and take up a job considered unusual for her gender. Apart from being a graduate of computer science, the young lady is a professional barber in the city of Abuja.

According to the post shared on Facebook by Humans of Abuja, the young lady has been barbing hair for the past nine years. She developed the passion for barbing hair as soon as she graduated from secondary school. It was her passion and she took her time to groom it and learn it professionally.

Adeola gained admission into the university in 2010 and did not stop learning. She pleaded with her boss to let her stay even though she had a contract agreement of one year signed. She spent her holidays in his shop learning while she found another guy who had a shop in school to learn from during her free periods.

Meet Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola, a female professional barber in Abuja (photos)

Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola, the female barber making waves in Abuja. Source: Facebook, Humans of Abuja.

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Adeola had the option of being a mechanic or a barber as her parents did not make her choose something feminine. She felt being a mechanic was more draining as being covered in oil and staying dirty all day was a turn off for her.

Having learnt in a ghetto, the young lady had no choice than to roll with all sorts of people and has been opened to a lot of dangers. Regardless, she focused on the prize and continued to learn. According to her, her boss plays music in the shop as a way of calling the attention of people.

The young barber confessed to being paranoid a few times as she felt her boss would make advances at her or give her out to one of the touts he barbs hair for. However, none of these happened as he protected her and watched over her keenly.

She also had other experiences as she spoke about the day she did not barb a tout’s hair properly. He slapped her and this made her feel like barbing was probably not her calling. The whole thing was not entirely her fault as she claimed the guy was drunk and slept all through as she barbed his hair. He moved his head a few times and this did not make her give him a clean cut.

Things took a new dimension when the young mother of one wanted to upgrade. She yearned to learn barbing in an environment that was calmer and saner. She was saddled with the responsibility of fending for her 8-year-old daughter.

Meet Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola, a female professional barber in Abuja (photos)

One of the clients worked on by the female barber. Source: Facebook, Humans of Abuja.

There and then, her boss gave her certain conditions that he expected her to meet if she wanted to practice. He asked her to work for him for six months before giving her the certificate. Not complying meant she would not be able to barb as they had an association that would never allow her settle down.

As a result of this condition, Adeola was treated like an apprentice. She was made to sweep, mop, buy him food and went as far as washing his bike. She did all these even though there were younger apprentices on ground.

See the original Facebook post made about Adeola:

This frustrated her as she was starting to lose interest in the trade. She cried daily going to work and while at it. The few times she was sick, he added the days she spent at home to the days she had left to spend.

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Her mother felt she did not need all of that as she deserves some respect as a graduate. When her graduation came, her boss was filled with emotion as he confessed to frustrating her deliberately. She did not give up as she claimed his shop taught her about perseverance.

Her job as a barber has fed her and people around her. She claims her school certificate has not given her as much as barbing has within the time she has worked as a professional barber.


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