Distressed mother pleads for help to pay for child's burn injuries

Distressed mother pleads for help to pay for child's burn injuries

- Abigail Afedzie's mother is pleading with fellow Ghanaians to help her pay for her daughter's outstanding medical bills.

- The three year old girl suffered serious burn injuries and is yet to receive further treatment for her burn scars.

- Abigail Afedzie's outstanding bills stand at GHC3,865.45.

Meet Abigail Afedzie, a three year old girl current being held against her will in the Isolation Ward of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital's Plastic Surgery and Burns Center over the lack of payment of her hefty hospital bills.

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Distressed mother pleads for help to pay for child's burn injuries

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Abigail Afedzie story is one that's synonymous to that of many others that, do to their failure to pay outstanding medical bills, are held hostage in hospital wards while they seek means to settle their outstanding bills.

The three year old girl who was wrapped in bandages to treat her wounds, cried when doctors who attended to her injuries come into the ward she's being held in.

Her distressed mother, who's always by the child's side, has asked for help from Ghanaians in order to pay the young child's medical bills.

Abigail's bills up to date stands at GHC4,912.39. While GHC1,046.91 has been paid, there's still an amount of GHC3,865.45 yet to be settled before the child can be allowed to go home.

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Additionally, doctor's say Abigail Afedzie needs further treatment in order to finalize the repair of the child's skin, although the doctor's say that that will happen up until all outstanding bills are settled.

According to doctors, the price that will come with the additional treatment will add a hefty GHC15,000 on top of her already existing debts, an amount Abigail's mother says she's unable to afford.

Faced with the substantial medical bills, Abigail's mother expressed her desire to simply take her child home.

I don’t know how I can pay this bill. If somebody helps me pay it, I cannot take on additional bills. I will take her home and come for dressing till the wound heals on its own,” said Abigail's distressed mother.

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Unfortunately for both mother and child, doctors say that not doing the additional skin surgery may leave Abigail open to further complications.

Dr. Janet Pereko of the Burns Center stated that just dressing the wounds until they themselves without second surgery for skin grafting may lead to not only complications with the child's skin, but may lead as far as to cause cancer.

Those who are moved to help Abigail Afedzie pay her medical bills can donate to the Graphic Needy Fund account number 1061130003469, GCB Bank, Republic House Branch, Accra, or otherwise send send through mobile money account 0541993933.

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