Kafui Danku chastises Ghana celebs for not speaking out against injustices

Kafui Danku chastises Ghana celebs for not speaking out against injustices

Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku has shared a blog post criticizing most Ghanaian celebrities for not taking a more active role in criticizing certain injustices that take place in Ghanaian society.

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Kafui Danku chastises Ghana celebs for speaking out for injustices

Kafui Danku

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In the post shared on the actress's personal blog, Kafui Danu said since celebrities are perceived as role models, leaders, and mentors of sorts, there is a need for [most of] them to be more vocal, and speak up against certain injustices that affect those who look up to them.

Kafui Danku wrote on her blog that, here in Ghana, celebrities who's voices possess the clout that could actually affect change rather choose to remain silent 'cause the issues in question don't affect them directly.

"When issues arise, sometimes we see clearly that there is an indication of a crime or there’s a violation of dignity yet we would do nothing or say nothing. We forget that the future is inevitable." Wrote Kafui.

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According to the celebrated Ghanaian actress, the only two Ghanaian celebrities who sometimes speak up concerning issues in society are Lydia Forson and Yvonne Nelson, adding that the two had "cool heads" on their shoulders. Although she added that even they [Lydia Forson and Yvonne Nelson] would be able to do more if they had the support of others.

"The rest of us behaving like “Azui” only care about taking fancy pictures and dressing up for the next red carpet event," says Kafui Danku.

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Kafui Danku, who's a mother of one, pointed out that filmmakers and media personalities are two "very powerful" groups of people, and that many ideas are "brought into the world" through filmmaking, while the media decimates the information.

The actress concludes by a call to action, asking celebrities and Ghanaians in general to condemn criminal and inhumane acts regardless of who it affects.

"If someone is doing something good and you know in your heart that it’s a worthy cause, why not support? Leadership must be by EXAMPLE! Leadership must INSPIRE the people." wrote Kafui

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