Hanks Anuku happy to be invited to Free SHS launch

Hanks Anuku happy to be invited to Free SHS launch

Hanks Anuku, a native Nigerian actor who naturalized and received Ghanaian citizenship early this year, has stated that he was happy to have been invited to the launch of government's Free Senior High School initiative (Free SHS).

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Hanks Anuku happy to be invited to Free SHS launch
Hanks Anuku

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Hanks Anuku, who publicly expressed his support for the then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the run up to the much contested 2016 general elections, made an appearance at government's launch of the free SHS initiative.

Speaking to FNN's Akosua Amoah, the popular Ghana-Nigerian actor expressed happiness over the launch of the initiative, adding that he hope it would help fight illiteracy in Ghana, and the continent of Africa.

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"It’s my pleasure to be part of this Free SHS project , and I don’t regret being in Ghana and supporting the NPP, because every child deserves to go to school and money shouldn’t be a reason a child won’t get this basic necessity." Said Mr. Anuku.

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Ask what advice he had for fellow celebrities, Hanks Anuku said he only hope celebrities to band together to help make this initiative work since the initiative would help the younger generation, a generation that looked up to them.

"I encourage all other celebrities to come on board to support the government... it will be our jobs so that it can leave a mark in the country and Africa as a whole. Also, we need to help the children feel at ease and happy to tell others about Free SHS." He said.

Going further, he add that he hoped the initiative wouldn't politicized, but rather embraced by all parties.

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