Standards Boards boss advocates the legalizing of marijuana

Standards Boards boss advocates the legalizing of marijuana

- GSA boss has called on government to come to a decision on the legalization of marijuana

- Says Ghana's economy could benefit greatly from export proceeds

Prof. Alex Baidoo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has joined the small group of government officials (past and present) to voice out their support for the legalization of marijuana.

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Standards Boards boss advocates the legalizing of marijuana
Ghana Standards Authority boss, Prof Alex Dodoo

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Prof. Alex Dodoo, who was speaking to Parliament's Public Accounts Committee after being asked to respond to certain infringements on his outfit's audit report, expressed that the Ghanaian economy could potentially make huge benefits from the plants legalization.

The GSA boss, who is also a trained pharmacist, went on to say that the time had come for authorities to devised a firm decision in order to take advantage of the plant.

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Prof. Alex Dodoo related that in other countries in the west, like the United Kingdom or certain states the United States, the use of marijuana for social or medical use is perfectly legal.

In UK, for instance, one can purchase nicely and neatly packaged marijuana from stores for both medical and social use,” he explained.

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Professor Alex Dodoo has previously voiced his comment about the use of marijuana, neither is he the one to have done so.

He joins a relatively small group of government officials who have voiced out their opinion, a group that includes celebrities a former head of NACOB (Narcotic Control Board).

Even though Ghana does not need the medical use of the drug, it will gain immensely from its exportation if it is legalised,” the GSA boss averred.

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