Video: Vivian Okyere professes love for Yaw Dabo

Video: Vivian Okyere professes love for Yaw Dabo has reported extensively on what appears to be a budding relationship between two Kumawood stars, Yaw Dabo and Vivian Okyere.

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Vivian Okyere professes love for Yaw Dabo

Vivian Okyere recently published a report in which Yaw Dabo said that he could announce the date for his wedding to Vivian soon.

Vivian Okyere professes love for Yaw Dabo

The report has shocked many Ghanaians, with some of them advising Dabo not to be foolish by marrying Vivian.

Commenting on's official Facebook page, the Ghanaians warned Dabo that Vivian did not love him and was only after his money.

Others warned that, given his diminutive stature, Dabo may not be able to satisfy Vivian, compelling her to continually cheat on him when they marry.

It appears, however, that Vivian is not perturbed by the negative reactions that news of her relationship with Dabo has generated.

Vivian Okyere professes love for Yaw Dabo

In an interview, the actress reiterated her love for Dabo, asking people not to underestimate the actor.

"I love Dabo so much and it’s natural. Don’t underestimate him. He is my heart," she said.

Vivian Okyere professes love for Yaw Dabo

Vivian blasted those suggesting that she is joking with Dabo's heart, adding that he was the love of her life.

Watch Vivian professing love for Dabo below:

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