Patoranking reveals difficult times in Ghana

Patoranking reveals difficult times in Ghana

Popular Nigerian artist, Patoranking, has stated that at a point in his life he came to Ghana in search of a better life, but ended up homeless and on the streets of the Capital, Accra.

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Patoranking reveals difficult times in Ghana

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Speaking in an interview with Cool FM in Lagos, Nigeria, the "No kissing baby" hit-maker expressed that the Nigerian market is a very "powerful" one, and that if Nigerians like your song then the rest of Africa would probably like it to.

"There was a point in my life that I traveled to Ghana in search of greener pastures but I ended up trekking and sleeping on the streets. I decided to come back to Nigeria." he revealed.

The popular Nigerian artist went on to say that after he released the hit songs titled 'Alubarika' and 'Girlie O', he ended up being invited back to Ghana to perform in Ghana, Kumasi Stadium.

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Patoranking reveals difficult times in Ghana
Patoranking's humble beginnings

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Patoranking, born Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, said he was surprised when he realized that 13 cars made part of the group that came to pick him up.

"I was very surprised but was grateful to God,” said Patoranking.

Patoranking reveals difficult times in Ghana
Patoranking and Ghanaian actress and TV personality, Joselyn Dumas

According to Patoranking, comments made by fellow artist, Mr. Eazi, to the effect that a lot of artist were copying his style, and that Ghanaian music in general was having a great influence on Nigerian sounds was wrong.

"We have been having this cultural exchange with Ghana way back since the time Tuface sang ‘My love’ which featured VIP from Ghana," he said.

"It is false for Mr. Eazi to say he started that style of music because he did not help me sing my hit song, ‘My Woman.’... It is the biggest afro-beat song in the Caribbean. I do not agree with his statement. It is wrong.” he said emphatically.

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