Legon lecturer demands justice from IGP after Policeman slaps him at Kotoka Airport

Legon lecturer demands justice from IGP after Policeman slaps him at Kotoka Airport

A marketing lecturer at the University of Ghana is seeking justice against a police officer who allegedly assaulted him at the Kotoka International Airport.

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Dr. Kobby Mensah stated that the officer had slapped him during a misunderstanding between them at the airport drop off zone.

Policeman slaps Legon lecturer

Dr. Kobby Mensah

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Narrating his incident to, Dr. Mensah said he had gone to drop off his friend at the airport, and was helping out with the luggage when the officer by the name, Samuel Arthur approached them and demanded they move.

The officer indicated that they were delaying at at the drop off zone, hence they should move from the spot.

I responded to the officer that I haven’t been there for 10 minutes because we just arrived. He queried how long have I been there, and I responded within 5 minutes but not 10. The officer continued to claim the latter, and on my insistence I implored him not to exaggerate,” Dr. Mensah said.

According to the lecturer, this statement further infuriated the officer, who called his colleagues over to help him in the misunderstanding; they then allegedly threatened to arrest Dr. Mensah if he did not move from the drop off zone.

Dr. Mensah said he told them he had not committed any offence to warrant an arrest, hence the officers should not attempt to use their position to intimidate him.

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The lecturer said that it was at this point he turned to return to his car however, the second officer called Oku was still screaming at him.

I asked him again to stop intimidating me and abusing his powers as he does not know who he is talking to, and that not everyone that he can abuse. This got Wilson Oku infuriated, by which time he had approached my car and stretched his hand to slap me. I then stopped the car and came out to challenge him why he did so. Immediately he had called for reinforcement, including one that seemed to me as his superior by name Joseph Nsoah,” Dr. Mensah added.

According to the lecturer, the supposed superior did not help the situation but rather joined his colleagues to further 'intimidate' him (Dr. Mensah) until he left the parking lot.

He said he reported the issue to the Airport City Police Station and was referred back to the Police Post at the Kotoka Airport.

Dr. Mensah states he is pursuing the issue to ensure the officers are duly sanctioned.

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