Ghanaian Uber driver threatens to beat rider to death

Ghanaian Uber driver threatens to beat rider to death

Uber has been facing problems across the world in very different ways and their operations in Ghana is not far from such issues.

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One Sri Kobe Subramaniam‏ took to social network, Twitter, to express how an Uber driver in Ghana has supposedly "threatened to beat and kill" him after a slight misunderstanding.

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In his tweets, Kobe attached a screenshot from the Uber app showing the driver name "Abednego".

The social media user continued to explain that "I just wanted to get home on time and avoid delays at police checkpoint so I gave directions."

According to him, Abednego had agreed to take the route "through Ako Adjei to La Road before starting trip from Venus to Telephone Pole".

About 3 minutes into the trip, the driver got livid and reportedly started asking why Kobe was giving him directions on where to pass.

Kobe stated that, upon replying, the driver "switched to Ga" and started raining insults on him.

Subsequently, Kobe reportedly asked the driver if he would like to continue the trip or not.

""You can end the trip and I will get another ride", I said. Maybe that statement hit him, thinking he will end the trip and I won't pay," Kobe added in his series of tweets on the issue.

This was when the driver reportedly parked the car, got down and started threatening to beat the rider to death.

According to Kobe's account, the driver also complained, "You think you can order me around. You rich boys, you're bad boy. You have something that's why you want to dodge the police. Foolish boy".

This is not the first time Uber has faced such an issue in Ghana. reported on how a Ghanaian driver working for the American multinational online transportation network threatened to deal with a driver spiritually after a cancelled trip.

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