Obrafour refuses Pappy Kojo's advances?

Obrafour refuses Pappy Kojo's advances?

Rapper Pappy Kojo, since he came into the limelight, has not hidden his love for Hiplife legend, Obrafour and the influence his [Obrafour] music has had on him.

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To show his respect, he once bowed and lied down when he met his role model.

Pappy Kojo's first album in limbo because of Obrafour?

Pappy Kojo pays homage to Obrafour

Indeed, he is on record to have stated that he would not release an album unless it featured Obrafour.

“From ‘Pae Mu Ka’ to ‘Tofa’, I know every song on the album. Obrafour was and still is everything to me... During Sky Power times, I will go perform a song from Obrafour. Every person who knows me in Takoradi will attest to the fact that I don’t play with Obrafour. Now I can call him on any day… It’s an amazing feeling. It’s a dream come through. If I do not have a song with Obrafour, the album is not coming out,” he is reported to have said.

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But it looks like the love is not mutual and fans may have to wait a little longer for the album as Obrafour seems not interested in a collaboration.

According to Pappy Kojo, his attempts to reach out to Obrafour since last year have been futile and if we are to take his words seriously, his first album may not be released anytime soon.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Cosmopolitan Mix on Tuesday, he said, “I am a little bit upset with Obrafour [but] I have kept quiet for so long but I have to say it. Obrafour has been ignoring me for a while, he doesn’t pick my calls, he doesn’t reply my text messages, [and] I don’t understand why he is doing that”.

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“Last year I performed at Ghana Music Awards and I wanted to surprise the people with Obrafour so we spoke about it, he agreed and he didn’t show up. I called him and he didn’t pick, I really don’t understand what is going on”, he stated.

For him, the development is worrying because Obrafour is the reason why he decided to do rap music.

“You can’t just influence me and then when I fall in love with you, you just leave me alone, it doesn’t work,” he posited.

It is not clear what the reason may be for Obrafour’s refusal or inability to link up with Pappy Kojo but one thing is sure, it is unlike the Ghana Rap Sofo.

Meanwhile the Fante rapper has denied rumours of him dating actress Yvonne Nelson, saying he dated a Yvonne Melson rather.

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