Bola Ray reveals what drives him

Bola Ray reveals what drives him

Chief Executive Officer of the EIB group of companies, Mr. Nathan Kwabena Adisi, popularly known to Ghanaians as Bola Ray, has said that his drive to make more money is so he can better the lives of those around him.

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Bola Ray reveals what drives him

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Bola Ray stated that he's push to work hard and make more money isn't so he can surround himself with luxury, but rather so he can influence the lives of those dearest to him.

According to the popular broadcast journalist, he would be content with what he's got if it was just about enriching himself, but he said he also wants to make sure those nearest and dearest to him also enjoyed the best that life had to offer.

Touching on the current state of his finances, Bola Ray said his current affluence stems from the success his achieved in his career.

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"If it's only about me, I am okay, I will sleep in a one-bedroom house and all of that. It's about generation, it's about family, it's about putting your kids in good schools, putting food on the table.” Said the EIB boss.

Bola Ray went on to say that his drive to help extends further than just his family, but also to those around him who aren't necessarily related to him.

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In may of 2017, the CEO of EIB Group of Companies was awarded with the Individual Philanthropist of the Year 2017 award for his many charitable contributions to those in need. The award was given by the National Philanthropy Forum-Ghana (NPF-G).

I want to take people around me to get to the finish line. It shouldn’t be just Bola Ray," said the award winning broadcast journalist.

Bola Ray went on to expressed his disappointment at the fact that Ghana still does not possess a arenas or program centers that couple handle larger numbers, and that his book would be launch at the Labadi Beach Hotel.

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