KFC OSU sets inspiring trend and hires hearing impaired employees

KFC OSU sets inspiring trend and hires hearing impaired employees

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food franchise in Ghana has taken a great leap in its corporate social responsibility by hiring employees with hearing impairments to serve customers.

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KFC OSU sets insiring trend and hires hearing impaired employees

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We've all seen the physically disabled on the streets Accra begging, or those with hearing and/or speaking impairments pass out printed white envelopes on the trotro. They do this hoping that a stray one cedis (or two) will materialize in the envelope when it's finally passed back to them.

It seems like the guys at KFC Ghana have also noticed this unfortunate problem. In a highly commendable move, the guys at KFC's Osu Branch have decided to make a bold step and hire employees with hearing and/or speech impairments.

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This development, as unconventional as it may seem for Ghana, has been applauded by all with some taking to social media to express their support for the initiative...including KFC Africa CEO, Mr. Doug Smart

Check out tweets of approval on social media below:

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He even had a short convo with them...

Two happy customers in one social media post...

One heart touched...

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