Julius Debrah denies allegations of visa fraud

Julius Debrah denies allegations of visa fraud

- Mr. Julius Denrah has denied allegations that he's been barred from traveling to several western countries

- Mr. Debrah stated that he never personally applied for visa's for himself of others during his tenure in office

- He says that responsibility falls to the office of the Director of State Protocol.

Former Flagstaff Chief of Staff under the Mahama led government administration, Mr. Julius Debrah, has declared untrue allegations that he's been barred from entering the united states, the UK, and several European countries due to acts of visa fraud.

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Julius Debrah denies allegations of visa fraud
Julius Debrah, former Chief of Staff at the Presidency

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A recent report by ghananewsreporters.com has had it that former Flagstaff Chief of Staff. Mr. Julius Debrah, was barred from entering the United States of America, the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The report has it that the alleged travel ban brought to bear due to his alleged facilitation of dozens of people's travel to those countries. People who never returned and overstayed their visas.

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Now responding the claims, Mr. has issued a statement completely refuting both being banned from the aforementioned countries, and committing any form of visa fraud.whatsoever.

According to Mr. Debrah, during his tenure as Chief of Staff he never got involved in the acquisition of visas, neither did he ever personally apply for a visas for anybody.

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The immediate former Chief of Staff goes on to completely deny the allegation that he abused his office in order to help party supporters to travel "as sojourners".

"I have never used the office of President to acquire a visa for anybody, not a single person because I never got involved with matters of visas acquisition. Even known drug dealers are not banned from 7 countries, let alone a former Chief of Staff to the President,” he stated.

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